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September 15. 2008
George Cup & Steve Elliott
RetrospektiveThe French Collection
27. September – 16. November 2008
Opening: Friday, sept. 26. - 7 pm

Speeches by:
Representative of the George Cup Research Center, Hannover / New York
Dr. Sabine Schormann / Director Foundation Sparkassenstiftung, Lower Saxonie
Dr. Josef Lange / Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sience, Lower Saxonie
Dr. Justin Hoffmann / Curator and Director Kunstverein Wolfsburg

That which is intended for the eyes can’t be explained to the ears." 
                                                                                 Steve Elliott, 1980

The Kunstverein Wolfsburg is presenting for the first time in Germany a comprehensiveness exhibition of the German based American Artist-Duo George Cup & Steve Elliott. It is above all due to the initiative of the George Cup Research Center, established in 2006 with offices in New York and Hannover, that the works of the two artists may now be seen in Germany for the first time since their last exhibition at the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York in 1985. In a dramatic manner, George Cup’s state of health deteriorated so extremely during the preparations for the exhibition that in July 2008, two months before the opening in Wolfsburg and barely a year after his name was cleared and he was released from prison, he died at the age of seventy-eight in New York.
"There are artists who suddenly disappear from the field of vision of the art world, although they had an exemplary significance for their contemporaries. The artist-couple George Cup & Steve Elliott represent one of those cases. Only a small group of art collectors and friends, among whom I count myself, has preserved their memory during these last twenty years. George Cup was convicted in 1986 for the alleged murder of his romantic and professional partner Steve Elliott and was imprisened in a New York penitentiary. As a consequence, the oeuvre of these two artists, who numbered among the founders of American Minimal Art, was almost completely "erased." In recent years, none of us believed that their oeuvre would experience a belated recognition some twenty-two years after this grievous error of justice." A. C. Greenspan
Schlossstraße 8
D-38448 Wolfsburg
T 05361/67422
F 05361/650862
Mi-Fr 10-5 pm, Sa 1-6 pm, So 11-6 pmr 
With friendly support by:

A catalogue in english and german is available. Essays by A. C. Greenspan, Justin Hoffmann, Roland Nachtigäller and Thomas Wulffen.
56 pages in Hardcover with 47 images,
ISBN: 978-3-922303-64-0

Please contact the Research Center for photos: service[at]georgecupresearchcenter.com
The George Cup Research Center
The George Cup & Steve Elliot Research Center
323 West, 39th Street W, NY, New York, 10018

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